Cultural Convergence



1st to 10th December


Cultural Convergence


Zuma Film Festival 2023 is being facilitated by the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) in collaboration with the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) in the nation’s capital, Abuja, Nigeria which is the host city.  The festival is designed to be a melting-pot for film professionals and film enthusiasts to network, interact as well as explore co-production opportunities. A key component of Zuma 2023 is the Festival Market; a window for production companies, marketers, distributors, exhibitions, content creators among others are expected to showcase their products at the festival for business deals.  In addition, the festival will recognise cinematic excellence, promote and ensure sustained productivity and availability of qualitative audio-visual services, entrench professionalism and profitability in cultural products and the huge export potentials of Nigerian films to gain wider acceptance nationally and globally and herald Nigeria’s tourism potentials as a film destination hub.


The theme of this year’s film festival ‘Cultural Convergence’ will expose the more that cultures interact, the more their ideologies, entertainments and way of thinking will start to reflect each other. Films and other social media channels have enabled people around the world to become less disconnected, and more like a global village, where people of all cultures and backgrounds are able to freely interact and exchange ideas.  This has had a profound impact on our lives and has changed the way we interact, consume, produce and even think.


Awards categories of Zuma Film Festival 2023 includes Best Cinematography, Best Script, Best Animation, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Documentary, Best Foreign Film, Best Student Film, Best Picture and Best Indigenous Film.


Highlights (Ten days)


  • New Film Premiere
  • Screenings (Competitive & Non-Competitive)
  • Film Market & Exhibition (Film-X)
  • Master Classes/Workshops/Symposium/Colloquium
  • Annual Film Lecture
  • Emerging Talents Workshop
  • Pitching Session
  • Zuma Film Festival Awards Night
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