Zuma Light-Up Night marks the official opening and commencement of activities of the Zuma Film Festival 2017. It is an evening of leisure in a cocktail setting serenaded with a blend of live music performances and premiere of a premium movie to a strictly, by invitation A-Class audience. The events of the evening starts with an all-media Red Carpet coverage. The event is specially planned to avail interaction among film makers, prominent actors/actresses, industry ancillary service providers, financial service providers and industry equipment manufacturers and vendors and strategically selected fans.



Zuma Light-Up Night parades A-list Actors/Actresses and film Directors/ Producers from around the world. The audience would also include top Policy Makers in government and the private sector; Members of the Diplomatic Corps; Legislators, Captains of Industries, Renowned filmmakers and other stakeholders among others. Plus about 1,000 invited film enthusiasts from around the globe. About 2,000 guests are expected at the Zuma Light-Up Night.

 Date of Event:           Friday, 1st December, 2017

Time:                          5PM – 8PM

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