Zuma Film Festival

Nigerian Film Corporation. info@zumafilmfest.gov.ng, +234 8063390420, +234 8035046119

Film makers are invited to submit films to be shortlisted for screening in the different categories of awards and endowed prizes during the 2018 Zuma Film Festival. Submissions will be accepted from the Director and/or Producer of the works in DVD (PAL, NTSC), Blu-Ray, Registration form for entries can be downloaded at www.zumafest.gov.ng, entries can also be registered and uploaded online at  www.zumafest.gov.ng Films in video or digital format that have not yet acquired distribution in commercial theatres within Nigeria completed production after January 1st, 2015 are eligible. Registration is free and there is no limit to the number of films that may be registered. All entries must be presented in the language of the Festival which is English or subtitled in English language. Interested filmmakers are requested to submit three (3) copies of each film in DVD (PAL, NTSC). This is to be accompanied by Electronic Press Kit or CD including Synopsis of the film (English), Brief Biography of the Director, Director’s photograph and Still photo from the film (both in jpg or tiff in colour at 300 dpi). Films can also be registered and uploaded online at www.zumafilmfest.gov.ng or at https://filmfreeway.com/ZUMAFILMFESTIVAL

  1. Clause 2.1ZUMA Film Festival is open to Films/Videos that are produced within the eligibility period.
  2. Clause 2.2: Feature and Documentary films produced between January 2, 2015 and June 30, 2018are eligible for entry in the Competitive Category.
  3. Clause 2.3: Only those persons whose names are on the credit title of the film/video shall be eligible for the competitive awards.
  4. Clause 2.4: ZUMA Film Festival Technical Committee reserves the right to reject any film/video which is incompatible with the aims of the Festival or which in the opinion of the organizers is offensive.
  5. Clause 2.5: Once a film/video had been entered, It cannot be withdrawn from competition during the Festival.
  6. Clause 2.6: A film/video shall be entered only by its Producer/Director for the awards in the competitive category. A producer may enter two or more films in any of the categories: competitive and noncompetitive, but no one film shall be entered in both categories.
  7. Clause 2.7: Each title of a film entered for the Festival must have a separate Entry Form, detachable from this document or downloaded at www.zumafilmfest.gov.ng
  8. Clause 2.8: The Organizing Committee will not assume responsibility for damages to the film/video caused by poor packing and transportation. Print and video copies are, however, under insurance while in the custody of the Committee.
  9. Clause 2.9: Festival Organizers, at owner’s expense, will return all films after the Festival to the address written in the Entry Form. Or if otherwise, kindly indicate where the print/video should be sent after the festival
  10. Clause 2.10: A 2-minute TV screening of extracts of the Film/Video MUST be submitted for promotional purposes.
  11. Clause 2.11: Entries are to be supported with a synopsis in English Language not exceeding one paragraph in the space provided on the Entry Form, plus two (2) passport-size photographs of the Producer/Director.
  • Clause 3.1: The Festival accepts entries on DVD – PAL or NTSC, Blue Ray, or upload at www.zumafest.gov.ng
  • Clause 4.1: Entries open on Thursday, 15th March, 2018 and ends on Tuesday, 18th September, 2018.
  • Clause 4.2: All entries (and supporting materials, including print) must be received by Sunday,18th November, 2018.