1. Clause 2.1ZUMA Film Festival is open to Films/Videos that are produced within the eligibility period.
  2. Clause 2.2: Feature and Documentary films produced between January 2, 2015 and June 30, 2017 are eligible for entry in the Competitive Category.
  3. Clause 2.3: Only those persons whose names are on the credit title of the film/video shall be eligible for the competitive awards.
  4. Clause 2.4: ZUMA Film Festival Technical Committee reserves the right to reject any film/video which is incompatible with the aims of the Festival or which in the opinion of the organizers is offensive.
  5. Clause 2.5: Once a film/video had been entered, It cannot be withdrawn from competition during the Festival.
  6. Clause 2.6: A film/video shall be entered only by its Producer/Director for the awards in the competitive category. A producer may enter two or more films in any of the categories: competitive and noncompetitive, but no one film shall be entered in both categories.
  7. Clause 2.7: Each title of a film entered for the Festival must have a separate Entry Form, detachable from this document or downloaded at www.zumafilmfest.gov.ng
  8. Clause 2.8: The Organizing Committee will not assume responsibility for damages to the film/video caused by poor packing and transportation. Print and video copies are, however, under insurance while in the custody of the Committee.
  9. Clause 2.9: Festival Organizers, at owner’s expense, will return all films after the Festival to the address written in the Entry Form. Or if otherwise, kindly indicate where the print/video should be sent after the festival
  10. Clause 2.10: A 2-minute TV screening of extracts of the Film/Video MUST be submitted for promotional purposes.
  11. Clause 2.11: Entries are to be supported with a synopsis in English Language not exceeding one paragraph in the space provided on the Entry Form, plus two (2) passport-size photographs of the Producer/Director.