Zuma Film Festival 2017 is designed to avail Nigerian film practitioners the opportunity to network with their counterparts from other parts of the world; stimulate co-production opportunities; recognize and reward cinematic excellence; promote and ensure sustained productivity and availability of qualitative audiovisual services, entrench professionalism and profitability in cultural products and the huge export potentials of Nigerian films to gain wider acceptance nationally and globally, and herald Nigeria’s tourism potentials as a film destination hub.  

The theme of this year’s film festival “Feast on Films” is a medium to dissolve nations and put humanity at the forefront through competitive and non-competitive genres of film products. The events of the Zuma Film Festival will enable filmmakers and film enthusiasts meet, deliberate and exchange ideas while feasting on the potpourri of memorable genres of films and other activities of the festival. Envisaged outcome include increased film production activities, expansion of film distribution and exhibition channels and the growth of large, medium and small scale cinema across the country. The film festival therefore seeks to boost the huge business opportunities within the Nigerian motion picture sector, art and culture.

Our quest is to mount a world class film festival with the glitz and glamour that showcases the entire Nigerian motion picture sector, as well as attract foreign film makers to be part of this great festival as a signpost of Nigeria’s global reflection. Equally, we have increased our bouquet for the film festival and aligned it with what is trending in the world of motion picture production. New impetus has been injected into the festival which is being positioned as a national and international brand for Nigeria.  Participants are expected from over 50 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and Nigerians in diaspora.